Onecat studio is a 24hr access, acoustically treated recording facility in South London, run by recording engineer Jon Clayton. A compact but versatile space, it is able to accommodate anyone from solo artists looking to record and arrange their songs, to full-on rock bands playing live, to voiceovers and soundtracks. The studio has a great, relaxed yet creative atmosphere and is full of interesting instruments and equipment.

Onecat is aimed at artists wanting to create high quality releases, whilst remaining affordable enough to be accessible. You are assured of great results, from pre-production to master and all points in between. We are flexible and can cater for those looking to add parts to existing works in progress. You could use our instruments, amps and mics to record great sounding rhythm tracks and vocals, then mix on your own set-up, or you could take advantage of the outboard equipment and monitors at Onecat, our ears and years of experience and mix your home recordings here.

Situated between Brixton & Camberwell, Onecat is really easy to get to by both public transport or by car and the free on street parking makes life a little easier. There is a 24hr shop round the corner and free tea and coffee. You are welcome to come and have a cuppa before booking anything with Onecat, just give Jon a call on 07851 520205 or email jonblusher@hotmail.com.